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MEETING: IAGA 11th Scientific Assembly 23-30 August, 2009, Sopron, Hungary

From: Laszlo Szarka <szarka at>

IAGA (one of the eight associations of the International Union of Geodesy and
Geophysics, IUGG) is a non-governmental body founded to promote and
coordinate studies of the electrical and magnetic properties of the Earth's
core, mantle and crust, of the middle and upper atmosphere, of the ionosphere
and magnetosphere, and the Sun, the solar wind, the planets and
interplanetary bodies. IAGA scientific assemblies are held in every four
years (between the IUGG general assemblies). In 2009, the motto is: "Our
Magnetic Planet Moving in Space." About one thousand participants and
approximately 1200 oral and poster contributions are expected. For the list
of the 56 scientific sessions see the Second Circular, which is already
downloadable from the conference website:

Sopron (, a real gem, is situated near the western border of
Hungary (Central Europe), at the foot of the Alps, 70 km from Vienna and 220
km from Budapest. It is a gate to foreign guests wanting to visit Hungary.
Sopron offers a wide variety of accommodation and excellent tourist
infrastructure. The city and its surroundings are a microcosm of Hungary. A
university town, Sopron has an active cultural life. The countryside is
famous for its composers Liszt and Haydn (musician of Prince Eszterhazy), the
Lake Ferto/Neusiedlersee Cultural Landscape as UNESCO World Heritage site,
and the site of the Paneuropean Picnic (held on 19 August, 1989, which
triggered the pulling down of the Berlin Wall)."
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