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[2011-10-01] Lectures, video records and some photos can be found at Here.
[2011-06-08] The Summer School is now closed for confirmation. Final entry list Here.
[2011-06-01] The Summer School is now closed for registration.
[2011-02-28] The Summer School is now open for registration.


July 15 – 21, 2011 (Check in on July 14, 10:00 - 18:00)

Deadline for registration: June 1st. Click here to register.





University of Science and Technology of China (USTC)

Hefei, Anhui 230026



(West of Shanghai, South of Beijing; About 3-hr travel by train or 50-min by plane from Shanghai, or 2-hr flight from Beijing)


Lodging for non-local attendees: ~100 RMB/day/person


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MHD, which treats plasmas as a continuum medium, is a branch of plasma physics. It has been widely applied in solar physics, space physics and astrophysics. The summer school is designed especially for graduate students and young scientists, and the overall objective is to deepen the understanding of MHD theory and its applications in solar and space physics.


The summer school is intended to cover the following topics:

  • Basic MHD theory, including assumptions, basic equations, properties, waves, etc.
  • MHD applications in
    • coronal heating and solar wind acceleration,
    • CMEs,
    • shocks,
    • particle acceleration,
    • magnetosphere.
  • MHD Numerical Simulations, a tool reproducing and studying MHD phenomena.
  • Observations and instruments, connecting theory to reality.


By attending this summer school, the students are expected to understand

  • what the MHD is,
  • under what circumstances MHD is applicable,
  • why do we still need MHD whereas the plasma kinetic theory is well developed,
  • how to use MHD to solve problems in solar and space physics.


Instructors (中文简介)

Forbes, Terry G. (Research Professor, UNH, USA)

Galvin, Antoinette B. (Research Associate Professor, UNH, USA)

Gombosi, Tamas I. (AGU Fellow, Professor, UMich, USA)

Lee, Martin A. (AGU Fellow, Professor, UNH, USA)

Lin, Yu (APS Fellow, Professor, AU, USA)

Low, Boon Chye (Senior Scientist, HAO, USA)

Scholer, Manfred (AGU Fellow, Professor, UMunich, Germany)

Wang, Jingxiu (Senior Research Scientist, NAOC, China)


Program Leader Panel


Zhang, Shulin (Professor, Vice President of USTC)

Dou, Xiankang (Professor, Vice President of USTC)


Chen, Xiaofei (Professor, Executive Dean of USTC/SESS)

Huang, Jianhua (Associate Professor, Deputy Dean of USTC/SESS)

Wang, Yuming (Professor, Director of the Summer School, USTC)



Dou, Xiankang (Professor, Vice President, USTC, China)

Forbes, Terry (Research Professor, UNH, USA)

Jia, Xianzhe (Assistant Research Scientist, UMich, USA)

Liu, Yong (Research Scientist, UNH, USA)

Lu, Quanming (Professor, USTC, China)

Wang, Chi (Research Scientist, Deputy Director, CSSAR, China)

Wang, Shui (Member of CAS, Professor, USTC, China, Chair)

Wang, Yuming (Professor, USTC, China)

Yu, Sheng (Research Scientist, NSFC, China)



Hu, Yinyu

Li, Qinxiu

Shen, Chenglong (Chair)

Miao, Bin (Co-Chair)

Zhang, Min


Sponsored by

National Natural Science Foundation of China

University of Science and Technology of China

Center for Space Science and Applied Research, CAS



Organized Jointly by

University of Science and Technology of China

Center for Space Science and Applied Research, CAS

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