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1. 2007-05-08 Get a copy of cOpfOs
Thank you for your interest. Following is a brief instruction of installing and using the COmmon PlatFOrm for Show (cOpfOs).

 cOpfOs version 1.3.6 (new version is to be released)
 Designed & developed by Yuming Wang (
 Last updated on May 8th, 2007
1. Unpack tgz file into the directory where you want to put your
2. Be sure Apach or IIS supports PHP and has the right to read and
  write the directory.
3. Modify "config.php" and some other config files in "config/" to
  fit your setting.
4. Now cOpfOs is ready to use.
5. To create the first account with privilege of managing users,
  open web browser, use "root" to log in the cOpfOs, and create
  an account belonging to the group of "user manager". The
  initial password and security code of root is root@cOpfOs and
You can modify any parts of the cOpfOs to fit your own habit
EXCEPT the acknowledgment appearing in the bottom of the webpage.

[1] copfos.0508.tgz (5.91 MB)
Yuming WANG
Posted at 2007-05-09 01:29 CST
Last modified at 2007-06-09 05:39 CST
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