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1. 学术报告:“Recent progress in EMIC waves of the inner magnetosphere”

Abstract: The wave-particle interaction is an important candidate for the energy coupling between the inner magnetosphere and ionosphere. In this report, we show our recent progress in EMIC wave-particle interaction in the inner magnetosphere and the influence of associated precipitating energetic ions/electrons on the sub-auroral ionosphere with conjugate observations of satellites and ground-based instruments. We have shown the in situ evidence of the modification of the parallel propagation of EMIC waves by heated He+ ions. With observations of Cluster satellites, we have revealed the different mechanisms of energetic ions scattered into the loss cone in the plasma sheet and the plasmaspheric plumes. We have also displayed the excitation of oblique O+ band EMIC waves in the inner magnetosphere driven by hot H+ with ring velocity distributions.

Finally, it is also mentioned that the precipitation of ring current ions and radiation belt electrons caused by EMIC waves have an important influence on the sub-auroral ionosphere.
Qinxiu Li
Posted at 2017-11-06 15:49 CST
Last modified at 2017-11-06 15:49 CST
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