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1. 学术报告:Solar wind / Magnetosphere interaction as a function of Solar Wind - Mach number
报告人:Walter Gonzalez

摘要:During typical intervals of (high ) Solar wind Mach number , the magnetopause  pressure balance and the associated Chapman -Ferraro current are dominated by the magnetosheath' s  plasma pressure, with a small contribution from the magnetosheath's magnetic flied pressure.  However, when the solar wind Mach number becomes small, the magnetosheath's magnetic felid pressure dominates the pressure balance at the magnetopause, with the Chapman Ferraro current being strongly influenced by strong Bow shock currents  and their associated  magnetosheath and Region 1 currents. We will show THEMIS observations as well as computer simulations to illustrate both types of interactions. Finally, a discussion about momentum balance at the magnetopause for general situations will also be given.
Qinxiu Li
Posted at 2018-05-21 16:02 CST
Last modified at 2018-05-21 16:02 CST
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