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Kinematic Model for CME Deflection in InterPlanetary Space (DIPS)

1. Your name
2. Input parameters
For constant CME speed and constant solar wind speed:
Initial distance (r0): RS
CME speed (vcme): km/s
Solar wind speed (vsw): km/s
For distance-dependent CME speed and solar wind speed:
(see description of the data format).
3. Optional parameters for plots
Date and time: YYYY/MM/DD HH:MM:SS
CME angular width: degrees
Initial longitude: degrees
Distance range: AU


  • Yuming Wang, Boyi Wang, Chenglong Shen, Fang Shen, and Noe Lugaz, Deflected propagation of a coronal mass ejection from the corona to interplanetary space, J. Geophys. Res., 119, 5117-5132, 2014. (download)
  • Wang, Yuming, Chenglong Shen, S. Wang, and Pinzhong Ye, Deflection of coronal mass ejection in the interplanetary medium, Sol. Phys., 222, 329-343, 2004. (download)

    Other related references

  • Wang, Y. M., P. Z. Ye, S. Wang, G. P. Zhou, and J. X. Wang, A statistical study on the geoeffectiveness of Earth-directed coronal mass ejections from March 1997 to December 2000, J. Geophys. Res., 107, 1340, 2002. (download)
  • Wang, Yuming, Xianghui Xue, Chenglong Shen, Pinzhong Ye, S. Wang, and Jie Zhang, Impact of major coronal mass ejections on geospace during 2005 September 7 - 13, Astrophys. J., 646, 625-633, 2006. (download)
  • Zhuang, Bin, Yuming Wang, Chenglong Shen, Siqing Liu, Jingjing Wang, Zonghao Pan, Huimin Li, and Rui Liu, The significance of the influence of the CME deflection in interplanetary space on the CME arrival at the Earth, Astrophys. J., 845, 117(12pp), 2017. (download)

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