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Velocity-modified Cylindrical Flux Rope Model for Magnetic Clouds (MC)

1. Your information (which is used to notify you when the submitted job is done):
2. Choose model:
Gold & Hoyle [1960] solution: A non-linear force-free flux rope with uniform-twist magnetic field lines
[Wang et al., JGR, 121, 9316-9339, 2016]
Lundquist [1950] solution: A linear force-free flux rope
[Wang et al., JGR, 120, 1543-1565, 2015]
3. Select data source:
Use the local data (Please specify the spacecraft, the data and time below).
Spacecraft:Wind, ACE
The Begin and End time of the interval of interest must cover the interval of the MC to be fitted.
Use your own data (see description of the data format). You will be able to upload your own data at the next step.
4. Set the boundary of the MC to be fitted:
5.* Set fitting options:
Time resolution:s (at least 300 s)
Degree step:deg (at least 15 deg)
Velocity:on, off
Note: * means optional.
To report a bug, send an email to Dr. Yuming Wang.

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