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Scientific results inferred from the database:
  • Understanding White-light CMEs Viewed in Coronagraphs
    Yuming Wang, Caixia Chen, Bin Gui, Chenglong Shen, Pinzhong Ye, and S. Wang, Statistical study of coronal mass ejection source locations: Understanding CMEs viewed in coronagraphs, JGR, 116, A04104, doi:10.1029/2010JA016101, 2011 (download at JGR or arXiv).
    • Missing rate of CMEs: 32% of front-side CMEs can not be recognized by SOHO.
    • Mass of CMEs: CME mass derived from the brightness recorded in coronagraphs are largely overestimated.
    • Cause of Halo CMEs: Both projection effect and violent eruption are the major causes of halo CMEs; about 25% of halo CMEs are stronger than the average level of CMEs.
    • Deflections of CMEs: About 62% of CMEs underwent an equator-ward deflection near the solar minimum; there are three types of CME deflections: asymmetrical expansion, non-radial ejection, and deflected propagation.
  • Role of Active Regions in CME Production
    Caixia Chen, Yuming Wang*, Chenglong Shen, Pinzhong Ye, Jie Zhang, and S. Wang, Statistical study of coronal mass ejection source locations: 2. Role of active regions in CME production, JGR, 116, A12108, doi:10.1029/2011JA016844, 2011 (download at JGR or arXiv).
    • AR properties have effects on CME productivity but not on CME kinetics.
    • A CME-rich AR tends to produce related CMEs in a pace of about 8 hours.
    • An AR can not produce two or more fast CMEs within 15 hours.
== The LIST OF CME SOURCE LOCATIONS is generated ==
:: by the members of STEP Team at USTC: Yuming Wang, Caixia Chen, Bin Gui, Chenglong Shen and Pinzhong Ye
:: based on the SOHO/LASCO CME CATALOG generated and maintained at the CDAW Data Center by NASA and
  The Catholic University of America in cooperation with the Naval Research Laboratory
:: and the SOHO/EIT MVI movies generated by the Naval Research Laboratory.
:: Comments or questions about this list could be addressed to Dr. Yuming Wang (,
:: or written here.

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